Why Many Homeowners is Considering Cabinet Refacing? Read to Discover

should i replace or refinish my old cabinet  is a question that many home owners may ask themselves when they have been thinking about refacing their cabinets but are unsure if this is an option that they want to take. Refacing is the process of cleaning, and polishing the finish of wood cabinets and replacing the cabinets in a room, but some people prefer replace cabinets instead of replacing them.

For homeowners that want to replace cabinets without taking the time to reface them, cabinet refacing is the best option for them. This is a process that requires several steps that involve refinishing of wood with a stain or sealant on it. You will first want to remove the existing finish and the old hardware to be sure that there is no paint or tape left over that will be difficult to remove.

When you begin cabinet refacing, you should never use the same color for both the cabinets and the doors and drawers. Instead, use colors that are complementary and would blend well together. Cabinet refacing is best done before painting so that you can easily distinguish the two finishes that you are working with.

Cabinet refacing does not require you to use the same color for your doors and drawers as you used for the cabinets. In fact, you should consider using a different color altogether so that there is less waste when you are finished. With refacing, you have the option of choosing your own custom finish, however, you should never paint this area until you have already taken the time to have it professionally installed.

Once you have decided to cabinet refacing, you should schedule the refinishing in the spring so that you can begin the process as soon as the weather warms up. This will allow you to get the job done in the most cost effective manner possible. Before you start the refinishing, you should make sure that you have completely stripped all of the surfaces in the room.

If you did not get any paint on the cabinets, now is the time to do this, so that you can ensure that there is no wood finish left on the surface. Now is also the time to cut the drawer fronts and trim out the tops of the drawers. You will be able to see the cabinets in the finishing process.

While it is best to keep the inside of the cabinets unfinished, cabinet refacing is best done on the outside of the cabinets. This is because the paint and sealant will be applied before the repainting process. Therefore, it is best to keep the interior cabinets unfinished because the interior cabinets will be exposed to the same types of elements that are usually present in the exterior cabinets.

Many homeowners that have been considering refacing their cabinets for many years, have finally made the change to cabinet refacing. The end result is a beautiful-looking room that is easier to maintain and will last much longer than if you were to try to replace the cabinets. If you are planning on doing this project yourself, you should make sure that you have your tools ready and your hands full so that you do not find yourself spending more money than necessary in the future. When it comes to cabinet refacing one of the most well know in the industry is Classic Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration, they are a well known cabinet and wooden floor restoration service provider in Long Island