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Simple Auto Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your car is not difficult when you keep it maintained properly; however, regular auto maintenance is just as important as that. Keeping up with regular auto maintenance is one of the most beneficial things you can always do for both your car and to the overall drivability of the vehicle. The better you can stay on top of regular auto maintenance, the better chance you’ll have of your car lasting as long as possible.

Regular vehicle maintenance starts with the oil change at the recommended intervals. You should change the oil in your car every 3 thousand miles or three months depending on how much you drive the car. If you drive it very little then it’s probably not necessary to get an oil change every 3K. However, if you drive it pretty hard then it is imperative that you change the oil in your car at least once every 3K miles. Getting into a habit of changing your oil every 3K miles or every three months can save a lot of money in the long run because it reduces the wear and tear on your engine.

The next thing you need to maintain is your brakes and other moving parts in your vehicle. Check your brake fluid regularly to make sure the system is not leaking. This is the case because if the brake fluid is leaking, the vehicle isn’t able to stop properly. Check the rotors and calipers on your vehicle to be sure they are not cracked. A cracked caliper causes unnecessary stress on your engine because the car isn’t able to stop properly. Always keep your auto maintenance manual and it’s owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can be well-informed about maintaining your car.

Another important part of auto maintenance is to check your oil periodically and change it if it is too dirty or the level is too low. In addition, it is very important to always change the transmission fluid whenever you do any type of maintenance on it. You also need to change the oil in your engine at least once every three months and as needed. For vehicles that have an automatic transmission, you should change the transmission fluid according to the manual. Changing transmission fluid prevents problems with your vehicle when it comes to being stuck in neutral.

One key element to long-term successful car maintenance is to change your air filter at least once every three months. Air filters prevent dust and pollen from entering into your vehicle and clogging up your air system. They also improve air flow by trapping unwanted gases in your system. Also, changing your filter can improve the performance of your engine by getting rid of harmful pollutants. These are all great auto maintenance tips that can help you last longer on the road.

In order to keep your auto maintenance routine on track, you need to keep track of the various tools that you need for performing these tasks. For example, you will need a good oil pan to catch the leaking oil. The oil pump can make a lot of noise while it is running, so you will want to wear ear protecting gear if you intend to keep your hearing intact. Finally, make sure you always have a good tire gauge in order to know when your tires are doing the best. It is also imperative that you keep a jack in your trunk and other auto repair items to ensure you can easily take care of any problems that arise while driving.